Admat is the company to?help solve your?refractory metal?problems

Admat is a leading supplier of tantalum, niobium, tungsten, molybdenum, and titanium dedicated to providing customers with a comprehensive selection of high-performance metals at competitive prices. We offer a wide selection of mill forms including foil, strip, sheet, plate, rod, wire, tube, powders, and machined parts to fit the exact specifications of our clients. As an American company, we have an efficient blend of manufacturing and fabrication in both the United States and China. Admat ensures all our raw materials are EICC compliant.

News & Press Releases

  • Admat Inc. Adds Fabricated and Machined Refractory Metal Parts to Product List

    Admat Incorporated of Norristown, PA has further enhanced their product…

  • Admat Inc. and Nisomet GmbH Partner for Sales of Tantalum and Niobium in Germany and Switzerland

    Admat Inc., Norristown, PA USA announced today a partnership with…

  • Admat Introduces New 300mm Tantalum Coilsets

    Admat Inc, a leading supplier of tantalum and niobium mill…


  • What Are Sputtering Targets Used For?

    First discovered in 1852 and developed as a thin film deposition technique in 1920, sputtering targets are a physical vapor deposition mechanism—an old process, but with many uses in modern technology and manufacturing. The process starts by feeding a substrate (or other item to be coated) into a vacuum chamber…

  • Facts About Niobium:? Production, Properties,?Applications, and Availability?

    Niobium?– the?41st?element?on?the periodic table–?is a?soft, grey,?crystalline metal?used in a variety?of?applications from steel production to hypoallergenic jewelry.?The metal was?originally?discovered?by?British chemist?Charles Hatchett?in 1801 as he examined American minerals from a collection?in?the British Museum.?Hatchett?named?this element?columbium,?after Christopher Columbus.? Through the years most people now refer to this element as Niobium.? As tantalum and niobium…

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